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(progressive The Burning Crusade 2.0 realm on Looking4Group - L4G)

Available: ~19000g (Alliance & Horde)

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Hellfire TBC Gold Packages

250 Gold
€8.25 EUR (about $8.76 USD)

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500 Gold
€16.50 EUR (about $17.5 USD)

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750 Gold
€24.75 EUR (about $26.2 USD)

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1000 Gold
€33.00 EUR (about $35.0 USD)

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1250 Gold
€41.25 EUR (about $43.8 USD)

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1500 Gold
€49.50 EUR (about $52.5 USD)

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1750 Gold
€57.75 EUR (about $61.3 USD)

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2000 Gold
€66.00 EUR (about $70.1 USD)

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2500 Gold
€82.50 EUR (about $87.6 USD)

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3000 Gold
€99.00 EUR (about $105 USD)

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Update 10th March 2017: Most of the population has moved to the brand new Hellground WoW TBC server.

Update 23th November 2016: Slight change in price to suit the current realm economic situation.

Update 27th September 2016: Further price update. We now how the best pricing on the realm.

Update 29th July 2016: The pricing on the packages is downed by further 43% and more.

Further, be cautious if thinking to make a purchase from in-game spammers. The Game-Masters recently started to track in-game spammers and suspend all accounts connected with them.

Update 15th June 2016: We now offer a solid 50% discount for all packages
Well over a month has passed since Hellfire was launched, and since we are well integrated on the realm right now we are able to provide a solid 50% discount of our former prices!

Looking4Group - hosts 2 popular Burning Crusade 2.4.3 realms. It started out with the Quel'Thalas x3 rates realm (which has mainly a German population) and went international with Hellfire which allows players to experience the original TBC content. Hellfire was launched as a progressive 2.0 realm with instant 60s.

Gold4Hellfire offers several but limited gold packages. The realm is still young and we wouldn't like to ruin the realm's economy by offering huge packages with discounted prices right away. There is a possibility for change in the future, though. Since all players start as level 60 and experience the Burning Crusade content with Blizzlike rates, farming the gold requires a lot of effort and there is no easy way to get it.

If you are a seller, please take a look at this page. If you haven't purchased before, you might want to see this how things work.

Frequently Asked Questions - for buying and selling Hellfire TBC Gold

1. Do i have to wait for a delivery?

- You want the gold as fast as possible, we know. It might take a few minutes or until we log in-game if we are AFK. We do care to deliver the gold to you as fast as possible.

2. Your pricing is very high?

- Not really. Hellfire is a new realm and the number of suppliers is very low at the moment. As stated above, there is a high possibility for the pricing to be updated in the near future.

3. Is the Hellfire gold trading safe?

- We ensure you that we take all possible precautions to ensure a safe delivery to you. No problems have been reported so far though, so we can freely say that it is safe.

4. Do you provide refunds?

- Refunds are only provided if we fail to deliver the purchased gold to you within 24 hours. If we fail to make a delivery, just send us an e-mail to - we won't ask any questions.

Customer Testimonials

Maxing Out Enchanting Skill

Peggy Hardman leetwarr**** (23th November '16)

Maxing out Enchanting surely does take a lot of golds, bought 2x 3000 packages and received them upon discussing the terms of delivery on Skype.

Fast Flying Mount Help

Bradley House bradley88*** (25th October '16)

Didn't want to go through the casual trouble of farming for fast flying mount - Gold4Hellfire lended me a hand :P

Face2Face trade in Shattrah

Vincent Howell ho.vincentic**** (19th September '16)

Smooth process - i e-mailed them before purchase and i was told what to expect. Got the gold as stated.

Face2Face trade in Shattrah

Andreas Gilbert andreas557**** (4th August '16)

Got the gold in Shattrah just 5 minutes after i made my payment.

Buying Hellfire Gold Everyday

Lucas Panter lucky***** (29th July '16)

Purchased over 50000 gold from them, with this type of discount, who knows how many times i will be buying again

Excellent server, big package

Chad Hansen chaddyko***** (4th July '16)

Hellfire proved to be an excellent server! Purchased that big package and received it within minutes!

Love the cheap gold rates!

Done Kumpulainen donika*** (15th June '16)

Love the discount!! I have my fast flying gryphon now :D

WOW! Hellfire gold seller finaly

Martin Krugger krugi*** (10th May '16)

Glad that there is a place for buying Hellfire gold. Will come again for sure!!

Kronos and Hellfire

Morten Ljung (7th May '16)

moved to Hellfire after Kronos went down and using the same gold team. Great job Looking4Group and Gold4Hellfire

Swift & Easy

Eric Björn eurikz**** (1st May '16)

Made several purchases so i can have a flying mount :P

Contact Information

Email: Skype: Vision7Gaming (Gold for Nostalrius, Feenix, Warmane & Kronos 2 too!)

Buy Gold for Hellfire TBC 2.0 (L4G WoW)